Lets go Bucs!

26. Lady. Pittsburgh. I love hockey, baseball, drag queens, comic books, and video games. I also love all things Pittsburgh. Black and gold pride.


everyone has their bird friend. like their friend who no matter what is a bird person. they’re among the most valuable.

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How I would narrate the Olympics

me: he's doing some athletic shit
me: and omg look at that butt
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i wanna look like someone who can cut you but still bakes cookies in her spare time

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can you believe that there are still people who have not watched this video

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I’m getting real sick of people’s comments on Meghan Trainor’s video.

I’m sorry….

With very few exceptions, size 00-6 models and musicians and superstars and actresses are really the only women featured in mainstream media

I can’t even shop at some stores because their supposedly womens-sized clothing is made to fit stick figures

Other than Meghan, Adele is the only recent plus-size pop singer I can think of, and her weight is commented on constantly

But tell me more how having one song about loving plus size bodies is oppressing you

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So Im home. I didnt stay out late, but like gosh I love the remodeling in that place. Its so nice now. Like a real sports bar. And my coworkers from the shop that I actually like came in for a bit and we BSed and I sang a song for Karaoke and it was nice. But now bed. Because Ive still got a few more days before I can enjoy myself.

Sitting at my bar with my favorite coworkers.


Being an adult sucks. I wanna go back.


My humanity is not debatable.


My humanity is not debatable.



How do I uninstall anxiety

we’re the freakin’ guardians of the galaxy


Remember that time James Neal blocked me on twitter cause I criticized his knee to Marchand. Point is James is so vain he twitter searches himself and blocks people who talk about him.

Get off twitter and play the goddamn game.

I’m glad he’s gone.


The hardest thing about getting older….


The hardest thing about getting older….

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